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With Pen in Hand



“Yes, my child?”

“I need to talk to you about something. I mean, now that I’ve lived my life and I can look back, there’s something I don’t understand.”

“I’m always here.”

“You say you are with me, Lord. You said your angels would take care of me. I just don’t understand why life is so hard.”

“All things work together for good.”

“That’s just it! There were some really bad times. It didn’t feel good when I was eight years old and Dad left us. It was bad! I needed him. I thought you were a good God. You didn’t make him leave, did you?”

“No, I did not make it happen, but I allowed it. It was good that he was not an influence in your life at that time. I was working out my plan for him, too.”

“What about when I crashed my bicycle and broke a bone? I couldn’t swim or do anything that whole summer because of the cast on my leg.”

“You learned to obey your mother.”

“Oh yes, I remember. I was taking the shortcut down Harriman’s Hill because I was late coming home after the ball game. That’s the year I learned to play the harmonica.”

“You read some of my Book that summer with your mother, too.”

“Yes, but there were some other bad times. What about when Ruffy died? He was my friend. He met me at the bus stop and played with me. He even slept with me at night.”

“He was suffering, and you would be going away to college soon. It was good.”

“I suppose Liza dumping me for that surfer dude was good for me, too?”

“She was not the one I chose for you. While you were with her, you were not spending time with Me.”

“Yes, she was chic and liked to have a good time, but she said church was for children and old ladies. Besides, I suppose, I wouldn’t have noticed Ruth.”

“Ruth is good for you.”

“Lord? How about when I lost my job? That was a bad time for our family.”

“You learned to trust me. You saw that I am the one that provides for you. It was good.”

“Okay, I guess I’m seeing how all those bad times were good for me, but they sure didn’t seem that way when I was going through them.”

“I did not give you more than you could handle.”

“But, Lord? I don’t understand why there is so much bad stuff in the world. Why are there war and hunger and crime? You can’t say all that is good.”


“Are you still there?”

“I am always here.”

“Why is there evil in the world?”


“Lord, are you crying?”

“I did not create evil, but I can use it for my will.”

“Your will? I don’t understand.”

“Your ways are not my ways.”

“Lord? What good is it for my mother to suffer with cancer? She prayed for us and took us to church and made us do our chores and behave ourselves. She loves you, Lord. Why did you make her sick?”

“She doesn’t blame me. She is my child. I love her. She knows she will see me soon.”

“Sigh… I wish I had her faith.”

“Ask and you shall receive.”

“I guess all this has brought me back to you.”

“It is very good.”

~ ~ ~

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With Pen in Hand


Catrina Bradley... said...

Absolutely inspired, Vonnie. This is one to be savored. Thank you.

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

I've asked some very similar questions in my prayers, before. I think you're right on with the answers. It is touching to read them as a conversation between friends. :)


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