"Mother of the Groom"

This is a special weekend for our family. My third child, Benjamin, is marrying our pastor's daughter, Jessi. We've been through this wonderful experience before with all its mixed emotions.

I wrote a story originally for a Faithwriter Challenge under the topic "In Laws" with my daughter's wedding in my mind.
So...I changed it a bit to fit this wedding.


“I love you, Mom. Thanks for everything... (hug)... Don't cry, Mama.”

I waited and prayed for this day, but now I don’t know if I’m ready for my little boy to grow up and get married. Just look at him up there, looking so sharp in his tuxedo. (gasp!) He’s so handsome. It’s no wonder Jessi fell in love with him.  When did he grow up into such a fine young man? It seems like yesterday he was playing his tricycle and legos. (sniff) Oh, I can’t cry…

“Do you, Jessi, take Benjamin to be your husband?”

Husband?... Is my baby boy ready to be a husband? (sniff) Have I taught him enough? Can he cook more than scrambled eggs or microwave popcorn if she's sick or had a hard day? How can he maintain a house when I had to beg him to clean his room? Will he treasure his wife and family just like his father does? Does he know … I’m sure he’ll learn, just as we did.

“Do you promise to love her for better and for worse, in sickness and in health…”

This pretty girl who stares at her with a twinkle in her eye, what do we really know about her? She seems to be steady and loving and a hard worker, but I'm sure she'll have some bad days and grumpy moods? Does he know that chocolate and a shopping trip will cheer her up? Will he be firm in his convictions? Will he lead his family in the ways of the Lord?

“You may kiss the bride.”

Ahhh… yes, they are so happy together. (sniff) They’ll be good parents. I can just imagine their children with blond hair and blue eyes. Children? Do they know how hard it is to raise kids? Will they teach them to obey and to be kind and to enjoy life? Will Benjamin take them on camping trips and play ball ? Will Jessi bake cookies with them and read to them every night? Grandchildren? Oh, I can’t wait for grandchildren!

“It was a beautiful wedding. You haven’t lost a son, you’ve gained another daughter.”

Another daughter? Yes, I suppose she’s another daughter, but I didn’t know her when she was little tyke. I didn’t teach her to tie her shoes or fold a towel. I didn’t pull her wiggly tooth or put a bandaid on her skinned knee. I didn’t punish her when she told a lie or teased her brother. I didn’t take her to Sunday school or hear her pray. She doesn’t feel like a daughter…not yet anyway.

“Thank you, Mom. May I call you that? Thanks for everything. It’s been great.”

Mom? I want to be a good mother-in-law…not one of those dreaded bossy women, insisting on being a part of every decision, inspecting the refrigerator, criticizing their clothes, giving advice on everything whether it’s wanted or not. I don’t want her to run away when I come to visit or make jokes about me behind my back. I don’t want to be a mother-in-law like that.

“You’re quiet tonight, Dear. I’m glad God brought Jessi into Benjamin's life, aren’t you?”

Lord, I’ve never been a mother-in-law before. I don’t know how to do this. You will have to show me how. Keep me quiet when I feel like speaking my mind. Give me the right words to say when they ask for advice. Let me learn to trust Benjamin to be a good husband and father. Thank you for the years I had with my little boy. (sniff) Bless them as they start their new life together. In Your Name, Amen.

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Linda said...

Hey Yvonne this was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

I am sure I will be having these kinds of feelings soon when our oldest grandson gets married.

Where does time go?

In just a few years I could be a great-grandma! WOW!

You have given me much to think about this morning my friend! (:>)

Lydia said...

Oh, this is really nice!! :) You taught him well, just like you did the rest of us! Love you!

Laury said...

What an exciting weekend with the wedding and having all your kids and grandkids home and then the rest of the days... So much fun, Vonnie. I'm sure you're a great MIL:)

Elizabeth said...

Awwww that's really sweet! Can I just say THANK YOU for being concerned about your boys being able to cook if their wives need help? I think that's an important skill! ;)


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