Introducing ...Polliwog Pages

For awhile, I've been wanting to do more with my love of children's books.

When I was a child, my books were my friends that never changed  when I moved from one place to another. Even today, I can't pass that table of books at a yard sale...though my walls are lined with books, and there are more in boxes in my attic waiting for more shelves.

I love teaching children to read.
I love encouraging children to write.
I love writing stories for children.

I've made a new blog that focuses on children's books.

Polliwog Pages

I have a Children's Library  ....

and a page for Kids' Writing...

and one with Tips on Writing for Children...

and a fun page of Nature Photos.

If you're a parent or teacher or writer or kid that loves children's books, I hope you visit Polliwog Pages often.

If you are a kid or know one, between 5-12 yrs. old, I'd love to post some children's writing. (no longer than 500 wds.)

Please email me,


(Please include your writing within the body of the email.)

I will continue My Back Door blog, but it will be more personal, with my thoughts and memories and updates on my family.
(Notice the new button!)

Help me jump into a bigger pond, as I grow and develop my career as an author. Tell others about Polliwog Pages. (Feel free to post Wiggles on your blog.)


Anonymous said...

Very cool!
Polliwog Pages Party!!!

Laury said...

I Love it, Vonnie! I hope it brings in lots of young readers and writers! Nice design work, too!


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