Trip to Vinalhaven

Yesterday, I rode the ferry (by myself) out to an island, Vinalhaven, to visit my brother, his wife and son. They are visiting Maine for a week.

The ride was gorgeous! I loved chugging through all the small islands. I even found my dream house! I saw a few seals and watched the fishermen collecting lobsters.

We had a great day visiting the lighthouse and having a picnic at a nice little cove, where wild flowers and raspberries covered a nearby hillside.

Later, we swam in a quarry. It was so refreshing and clean, almost like a giant pool.

The best part of the day was getting to know my nephew as a nine year old. What fun telling jokes and find shells on the beach!


Laury said...

Wow! What awesome pictures! You saw seals? Tooo cool! Can you tell I live far far away from an ocean? So glad you had a great day!

Sheila Deeth said...

What lovely pictures. I love the sea.

Cal said...

Terrific pictures. What a fun trip. I always enjoy riding to the islands.


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