Sears Island

I love living in Maine. Only 2 miles from my house is a wonderful place called Sears Island. When my husband and I were first married, we could only get on the island when the tide was low. It was fun to stay over the tide and feel "trapped" by the water. Now there is a causeway, but it is still a beautiful, uninhabited place to visit.

Sears Island beaches are not your typical sandy seashores. They are strewn with seaweed covered rocks and clam shells. Some places, the waves have carved holes into the shale. All sizes of driftwood lay weathered in the sun. You never know what treasures you might find washed on shore.

Inland, you step into a primeval woodland, with swamps and ferns and wildflowers. The breezes blow through the pines, and you might even find some berries to eat. There are fields, surrounded by rock walls, marking the boundaries of a former plantation.


Anonymous said...

It IS a beautiful place
and I hope it remains
as it is. Next time i'll
bring my camera.

Rita's Random Ramblings said...


Anonymous said...

Sears Island is God's Country


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