Rainy Day Fun

School is out! The children have been enjoying the warm weather. You've been visiting the park and swimming in the pool. They are involved in Little League and summer sports progams...

Then it rains.

Nobody wants to do anything because they really want to go outside, but it's raining.

There are lots of fun indoor activities that get them off the couch and stimulate imgination and giggles. Yes, some of these ideas may make a mess, but it's worth the fun.

Let your kids "camp" in the house. Either set up a small pop-up tent or make one with chairs and blankets. Use sleeping bags. Fish with a string and bent paperclip for toys. Read a book by flashlight. Make smores in the microwave.

Do you have some art supplies? (colored paper, string, glue, scissors, yarn, paper cups, buttons, cotton balls, etc.)

Spread newpapers over a big table and see what creative things you can make with paper and glue. Decorate cans to make pencil holders or banks. Use cardboard to make some unique picture frames. Design a game. Make puppets or masks. String buttons for a necklace. Let your imaginations soar!

One mother wrote...

Rotate toys. I have more toys in the attic than in their rooms, and on rainy days or days that I hear "We're bored" all I have to do is ask, "Do you want to go in the attic?" This is followed by squeals of delight and hours of peace and quiet as they play with their "new" toys!

What fun things have you done with your children
on a rainy day?

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Laury said...

It's also a great time to make Rice Krispie Treats or a batch of cookies.


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