My Daddy

I'm 52 years old, and still call my father, Daddy. He's special. He loves books and teaching little children. He likes to sing silly songs and tell long stories, (sometimes to my embarrassment). He can make almost anything out of wood or paper. He likes small boats and old cars. He likes to take the back roads or find an alternate route to his destination. He taught me to memorize whole chapters of the Bible and how to listen to God's voice. He's a deep thinker and will sit you down, occasionally, and have a long discussion about his thoughts and advice. He's very patient and loves his Lord.
That's what Daddy's like.

Now, he's a great-grandaddy.
I'm glad the next generation will know him.

I love you, Daddy!


Anonymous said...

I hope your Daddy has a
great Father's Day!

Laury said...

Thank you for introducing us to your Daddy. What a cool guy:)

Coleene VanTilburg said...

That was an awesome tribute to your Dad and I loved the pictures. You always have great pics. Whole chapters of the Bible? That is so important and I hope more churches are teaching the importance of hiding the Word in your heart.

Elizabeth said...

Awwww how sweet! My only living great-grandfather is not a Christian man but I hope to see him hold his great-great-grandbaby one day! (And come to know the Lord, although sometimes we're not sure if he can understand enough anymore.) :(


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