Monday Manna

I am joining Joanne Sher at her blog Open Book with my thoughts on this verse -

"For in Him [God] we live and move and have our being."
 ~                               Acts 17:28                                    ~

There is way of thinking today, that holds to the idea that man is a higher form of evolution. It does not recognize the Creator of life. Thus man is not accountable to a higher power than his own.

What a blind and selfish thought!

Our bodies are a complex, very integrated organism, that could not have haphazardly fallen in place.

Our earth is perfectly placed in the universe and filled with the exact proportion of elements to sustain life.

Our minds are made to worship something....Someone. Every culture knows there is a spiritual world beyond our own.

When we recognize the Almighty, All-powerful Creator, we can only bow before Him. We must lift our hearts in gratitude and praise for all his blessings. He showers us daily with benefits.

We must trust His wisdom and power in our lives. We don't have the right to complain about our circumstances or tell God that He has made a mistake. We must rest in His plans. We must hide in His love and care.

He is in us, and we are in Him.
What a wonderful place to be!


Mari said...

Amen...truly a wonderful place to Him. Resting in Him today no matter what the circumstances are.

Karlene said...

Too often we forget. But in His mercy, HE reminds us of these truths. Thank you Vonnie.


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