"Where Do You Fit?"

Where Do You Fit?

I like doing jigsaw puzzles. My mind is free to think while I piece together the picture. I especially like detailed old fashioned pictures, with houses and gardens and buggies and flowers and animals.

Each piece is just a jumble of color. Sometimes there may be an identifiable design, like a person’s head or a window, but sometimes the piece is really puzzling. It doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. I keep trying it over and over until there is only the last hole left. When it is put in the right place, the picture makes sense. By itself, that piece doesn’t look like much-quite plain-but in the right spot, it becomes beautiful.

Sometimes I feel like that odd puzzle piece. I feel like I just don’t fit anywhere, that I am not an important part of the picture. I can’t see the whole picture. There isn’t a cover to look at, to see where I belong.

Esther was different. She wasn’t born into the royal family. She was an Israelite in a strange country. She was an orphan, being raised by a cousin. She wasn’t anyone special, until God put her in a special place. Her life influenced the king of Persia and saved many people.

I don’t know whose life I’ll influence. I don't know who is watching me and listening to my words. I don’t know who will read my writing. God only asks me to be willing and obedient. He has a plan for me in the puzzle of life.

Someone who says, “I can’t do anything. I can’t teach. I can’t sing. I can’t talk to people” is like a piece of the puzzle hiding in the corner of the box. The picture won’t be complete without every piece. I want the Lord to use me. I want to be a useful jigsaw puzzle piece. I want to make His picture beautiful. Don’t you?

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