Stockbridge General Store

A couple weeks ago, Randy and I took a little trip to Stockbridge, Massachusetts, in the Berkshires.
It's beautiful!

The town is jam packed full of history, from a mission house to the Norman Rockwell museum. As we wandered through the town, we stepped into a general store...a REAL general store.

I just love old-fashioned general stores! This one was like a dream come true. As you stepped in the door, you could smell baskets. There were barrels and jars of candy, plus shelves of old tins and boxes and candles, braided rugs and wooden toys.

I loved looking at the old labels. Look at the "new" convenience of this soap.
You don't have to boil your whites anymore!

I'd love to have general store like that-only mine would have an old-fashioned cash register that went "Ka-Ching!" I'd sell more baskets and brooms and yarn and other things that were used in the early 1800's.
Wouldn't that be just the grandest hobby to have?

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JesusRulzMe said...

ahhhh...the simple peace and joy your pictures bring....I wish I was there. ♥

I like the cash registers that go "Ka-ching!" too. :-)

Love ya sis!


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