The Phoebes Are Back

The phoebe birds are back!

They're not especially pretty, and their chirp sounds like they have the hiccups, but I love the phoebes. I like how they return each year to nest in the same spot. The eaves of our entrance has convenient little apartments for them. When they return in the spring they look like children exploring familar cabins of a camp. They flit in and out, chattering to each other. I can just imagine them saying,
 "This is where I was hatched. It looks so small!
Oh, this one is nice, too.
I dib this one-it has a better roof!"

I named the main character of my novel Phoebe
because she yearns to return to where she was born.

What's your favorite spring bird?


Andrea said...

I love them all, but I think I enjoy waiting on the hummingbirds to come each year.
Blessings, andrea

Elizabeth said...

I confess I usually don't notice them that much, but Camila loves them and has pointed them out to me this year. I think my favorite are the cardinals and bluejays because of their pretty colors. :)

Marita said...

I like knowing where you came up with your MC name and why. ummm fav bird? Not really fav but have watched some robins yank on some fat worms in the yard. lol


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