Dear Vonnie - Daddy Time

Dear Vonnie,
My husband has been out of work for awhile, and my son is loving him being home every day. I know it's going to be hard for him later on. What is the best way to prepare him for when my husband finally goes to work?

It's great to see fathers spending time with their children. I like to see them taking them for walks or playing ball with them or reading them a book.

A father often doesn't have much time with his family. Usually by the time he gets home from work, the children are cranky and hungry and ready for bed. Some fathers work at night and sleep while their children are awake. Dads often need to make an effort to spend time with their kids. Even though not having a job is a tough situation, it is a blessing to have more time with the family. Be grateful for everyday together.

How can you prepare a young child for the day his father goes back to work? It's hard when they are too young to comprehend such things as jobs. Instead of being together all day long everyday, perhaps the father could do some errands, odd jobs, helping family or neighbor, etc. by himself-without the child with him. If the child can wave "bye" and learn that Daddy will come back soon, he will get used to him being away each day.

Being out of a job is difficult on marriages and families. I will be praying that your husband will find a job soon. In the meantime, enjoy each day together as a blessing from the Lord.

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