Friday Fiction - "Blessed Bouquet"

The purple crocuses are up!
The lilacs and pansies aren't blooming yet,
but it won't be long!

Blessed Bouquet

Purple crocus bursts through snow,
Reaching sunward, warm winds blow.
“Welcome, spring!”
It seems to sing.
Winter’s over—don’t you know?

Lavender lilacs, in a cluster,
Looking like a French maid’s duster;
Shaking around,
Petals surround,
Giving the yard a fragrant luster.

A blanket of violets covers the lawn,
Woven in webs before the dawn;
Sparkly dew,
A royal hue,
Provides a bed for a doe and fawn.

Twining morning glory vine,
Over lattice, trailing fine;
Fragile trumpets,
Shade our crumpets.
Having tea, we chat and dine.

Johnny jump-ups here and there,
Escape the garden if they dare.
Little faces,
Tiny spaces,
Happiness, without a care.

Purple clover, soft enough,
Tickling bunny’s powder puff.
Bees are buzzing,
Blossoms fuzzing,
Pom-poms filled with honey stuff.

Row on row, lupine blooms
Parading soldiers’ helmet plumes;
Attention formation,
Creator ovation;
Down in valleys, over dunes.

A burst of sparkle, fireweed,
Magenta flames, butterflies feed;
Fizzle gone,
Summer done,
Bouquets sing His praise, indeed.

For more great writing, skip over to Christina's blog
With Pen in Hand .
Be sure to leave some encouraging comments.
(Christina and I had know each other for awhile,through Christian Writers Guild and Faithwriters, before we found out that I used to go to school with her mother-in-law at
Skowhegan Area High School.)
Isn't the internet great for connecting people?


Sharlyn Guthrie said...

This poem sings spring. Great alliteration, word choices, and descriptions.

Sherri Ward said...

Beautiful! What a lovely way to herald in the season!

Hoomi said...

I think lots of people are ready for spring after the winter the country has experienced this year. Nice mood-setter!

Nicole said...

Hello! I am a friend of Lydia's and also LOVED stopping by your blog and reading the uplifting and encouraging posts! I will keep coming by, thanks for sharing!!


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