A Bologna Day

I'm in the bologna years of my life. I'm sandwiched in between being a daughter to my parents, a wife to my loving husband, a mother to my grown kids, and grammy to the new little ones. It's confusing sometimes.

Today I'm all four.

I'm off to visit for a quick visit with Lydia and Evelyn...

then I'll spend a few hours with my parents...

then home again for a quiet evening with my hubby.

See you tomorrow!

PS Change of plans. The roads are too icy. I think I'll stay home, to knit and write.
or get a visit from Carter!


Lydia said...

Some days I feel like that, too! We always appreciate your visits!

Dee Yoder said...

The sandwich days can be sweet and stressful! Have fun with it today, Vonnie. ( :


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