Trusting God

Do you believe that God is
the sovereign ruler of all?

Do you believe His wisdom
exceeds everything?

Do you see His hand in your past?

Do you trust Him with your future,
even if you don't understand His ways?

Here are a couple poems I wrote:


With each new morning,
Each start of the day,
Do we thank the Lord
For come what may?

With each new month,
Change of season,
Do we look for blessings,
Not asking the reason?

With each new year,
Do we feel blessed?
Do we treasure our gifts
And in His hands rest?

This is a TRIOLET that I wrote for Jan Ackerson's Master Class on Faithwriters . It's fun working with specific poetic forms.


Yesterday has slipped away.
Tomorrow is not here.
Life is for today.

Childhood and youth will play;
The future does not fear;
Yesterday has slipped away.

Busyness cause nerves to fray;
Work and study keep us here;
Life is for today.

Misty dreams don’t seem to stay;
Often lost, we seem to veer
Yesterday has slipped away.

Don’t lose hope along the way
Wishful goals give us cheer;
Life is for today.

Lift your head to God and pray;
Faithful, guide, ever near;
Yesterday has slipped away.
Life is for today.

Lord, thank You for your many blessings, for Your grace and mercy each day. We give this day, this year to You, to do as You deem best. Even when the road is rough, when tears bedim our eyes, we know that You are there to guide each step. Help us, Lord, to trust and rest. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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