Photo Gallery - "An Old-Fashioned General Store"

Saturdays are always busy around here. I never know who will be stopping by or if my hubby and I will go to town or if we'll be working on a project around the house. I considered not doing ANYTHING on my blog over the weekend, but I've decided to post some of my collection of pictures.They may be of our family or scenic places around our state or others interesting photos I've collected.

(Erie Canal Museum, Syracuse, NY)

I love general stores. One of my dreams is to own an old fashioned store, with a pickle jar and a pot-bellied stove.I'd want a bell over the door to let me know when a customer opened the door. I'd want an old brass register that dinged when the cash drawer popped out. I'd want nails and brooms and yarn and soap and baskets of apples and bottles of soda pop. I'd have tall shelves filled with boxes and tins and bolts of cloth. I'd have free coffee for my regular customers and penny candy for the kids. There'd be a long front porch with a place where folks could sit and chat.

Wouldn't that be fun?


Laura Anne Harrison said...

Having such a store would be MARVELOUS! I love walking around in old stores of "yesterday." Love the picture with this post!

Laury said...

I'd come to your store to shop:) As soon as you branched out to Illinois, anyway.


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