Photo Gallery: Dreaming of Spring

I'm dreaming of a warm spring day.

Right now in Maine, it's hovering around the zero degree mark, with wind chills plunging lower. The stoves are eating up the firewood and drafts under doors make your toes curl. I pity anyone that has to work outside in this weather.

I like to look at snow, but I'm wishing for green leaves and little violets blooming near the pond. By May, we really appreciate the green of spring.


Andrea said...

Beautiful picture. We are enjoying the snow,too. We are under a winter storm warning.

marylea said...

Funny. I posted a similar story on my blog today, too. In Michigan, as in Maine, we are in the middle of some cold weather! It will be spring again soon... Be warm. Be well. -marylea

Dee Yoder said...

I'm with you, Vonnie! Bring on the green!


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