Cherish the Moments

Today, Christmas Eve '09, is very special to me. All of my eight children, four in-laws and a fiance, three grandchildren, and my parents will be together.

I miss those days when my children were small. I wish I wasn't so busy, that I spent more time just playing with them. I am pleased with how they have all grown up. They are still learning how to be adults, but they are doing well. Now they are busy with children of their own.

Today is special because I never know when we will all be together again. Time flies by so fast. Treasure your times together with your children. Don't waste these days grumbling and wishing they were older. It will come soon enough. Be grateful for the gift of each day in which God has given you the privilege of caring for your little one.

This song makes me cry every time I hear it, but it expresses what I wish for every mother today.

Cherish the Moment
written by Ron Hamilton

Read my book, rub my back;
Mommy, listen to my prayer.
Let me sit in your lap.
Daddy, fly me through the air.
Throw a ball, make a snack;
Can we go to the park?
Tuck me in, hold me close;
I'm afraid of the dark.

Cherish the moment;
Soon you'll be apart.
Cling to the mem'ry;
Clasp it to your heart.
Soon comes the day when
you'll have no child to hold,
So cherish,
cherish the moment.

Sing a song, play a game;
Swing me high in the air.
Ride a bike, fly a kite;
How I love the times we share.
Hold my hand, hug my neck;
Daddy bounce me on your knee.
Come and sit by my bed;
Mommy sing me to sleep.

Think ahead to a time
When your little ones are grown;
Hold them tight, don't lose sight
Of the blessings you have known.
Think ahead to a time
When your little boy's a man
And you'd give anything
Just to hold him again.

Give them an extra hug and kiss.
They'll be grown before you know it.

(I'm taking LOTS of pictures!)


Dee Yoder said...

*Tears* BIG time Tears! You're so right, Vonnie--time goes fast and those childhood days are gone before you know it. It makes me wonder if God misses our "innocent" years, too. Great message for Christmas! (Now, where's the Kleenex? Sniff.)

Joanne Sher said...

Sooo sweet, Vonnie. Enjoy the time, my dear - and we will do the same.

Anonymous said...

God blessed you big time this Christmas!


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