Photo Gallery - Searsport

Saturdays are always busy around here. I never know who will be stopping by or if my hubby and I will go to town or if we'll be working on a project around the house. I considered not doing ANYTHING on my blog over the weekend, but I've decided to post some of my collection of pictures.They may be of our family or scenic places around our state or others interesting photos I've collected.

I thought some of might like to see where I live. There is only one Searsport in the whole world. If you type it in Google Search, you will get our town. It is rich in history, the home of many ship captains and boat builders. Antique hunters love to browse through the many shops along Route #1. We have one of the biggest ports on east coast.

The Penobscot Marine Museum

Main Street
(It's a rainy day, but Searspot often has fog and rain when it's bright and sunny inland.)

Mosman Park
(with a walkway down to the beach)

Sears Island
(once only accessible at low tide)

(photos taken by Joel Wiggin)

It's HOME.


Catrina Bradley... said...

Thanks for sharing your home town with us, Vonnie!

Anna Kae Jacobs aka Karlene said...

Such beautiful home it is! I could fall into those pictures and live... but I know I have to stay here.


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