Maybe Today!

Yesterday our pastor preached on Jesus being the King of kings. He took us from scripture to scripture (Psalm 2; I Cor. 15:52; II Thes. 2; Rev. 19) showing the Lord's victory over the world's kingdoms and powers and the promise of His return.

We need not fear whatever evil is happening around us. We belong to the God of the universe!

"If God be for us,
who can be against us?"

It reminded me of a story I wrote a couple years ago, "Peeper and Hawkins", a simple analogy of David and Goliath.

As the pastor reminded us of God's promise to overcome Satan and sin, I felt like David. My heart was filled with inner peace and strength and joy to know that the Lord is "my" God--the ONLY God. He will protect me and care for me, and He is coming back for me. I will be with Him when He rides from heaven to set up His kingdom on earth.

Maybe today we will hear the trumpet sound.
Maybe today we will see Jesus!


T. Anne said...

Oh Blessed day come quickly!

Andrea said...

It is always great to be reminded that our precious Heavenly Father goes before us fighting our battles. We are never alone!
Blessings, andrea


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