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Saturdays are always busy around here. I never know who will be stopping by or if my hubby and I will go to town or if we'll be working on a project around the house. I considered not doing ANYTHING on my blog over the weekend, but I've decided to post some of my collection of pictures.They may be of our family or scenic places around our state or others interesting photos I've collected.

Our driveway almost always has puddles in it. They fun for kids to stomp in or ride their bikes through or crack the ice that forms on the top. Did you know that soap bubbles don't pop for a long time if they settle on them? Last July, the pond overflowed and filled the puddles with hundreds of pollywogs. I like to look way down into them, like mirrors. I think the trees in their pretty new clothes like to peek at themselves too.


Linda said...

Vonnie, this is an awesome picture! I love the beauty of nature!!!!

I enjoy seeing which morning song you will post each day. Most of the time I know it,..but occassionally I don't. At any rate, it is fun.

Have a fun Saturday with your hubby, matter what you do or where you go. Aren't husbands a blessing! (:>)

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Sherri Ward said...

Interesting photo - at first I though you had uploaded it upsidedown! But then I read and understood. Beautiful, love the handiwork of God!

Andrea said...

I love to play in mud puddles, too.
Beautiful pictures of fall in your yard.
Blessings, andrea


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