Photo Gallery "Gypsy Wagon"

Saturdays are always busy around here. I never know who will be stopping by or if my hubby and I will go to town or if we'll be working on a project around the house. I considered not doing ANYTHING on my blog over the weekend, but I've decided to post some of my collection of pictures.They may be of our family or scenic places around our state or others interesting photos I've collected.

Last summer, I went to the Owls' Head Transportation Museum with my father. He loved all the old cars, but my favorite thing was the gypsy wagon. I must have walked around it five or six times. Gold trim and flowers and tiny painted figures covered every inch of it. I wanted to go inside, but it was roped off. A sign told us that there weren't many of them left in the world because by tradition, the wagons were burned when the owner died. My writer's muse went crazy with story ideas! The museum is making a whole section dedicated to horse drawn vehicles. I'll have to return for more research.


Linda said...

Gypsies were so flamboyant (I'm not sure how to spell that?)

My sister Judy who died in January was like a gypsy, least I always thought so. Just in the way she dressed vibrantly and the jewelry she wore, and she liked to go barefoot, and she had dark hair and eyes,...and she was such a free spirit. She was a Christian and now she is eternally free in heaven!

This wagon is pretty cool. I can see why your imagination would be rolling and the writer in you would want to explore it further.

Have a good day!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Vonnie said...

Thanks, Linda. I've always been facinated by gypsies. Maybe it was because we moved about so much- I felt like one.


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