Remembering 9/11

Today's post isn't fiction, but something I wrote to remember what God taught me on that day. For more stories, visit Karlene's Blog.


It was like any other chapel day at school. The classes filed in from various parts of the school, some chatting, some giggling, some still trying to wake up. The primary class was always late. They squished all together at the end of the pew in front of me, even though there was plenty of room next to their teacher. The little kindergarteners gazed up at the tall high school boy leading the singing. Another teen practiced her skills on the piano, as she played the introduction of the first song, “Beulah Land”. The little kids knew this song well and bellowed out the chorus. After singing a couple more songs, the high school students returned to their seats and their teacher, Mr. Ron Gross, leaned against the podium.

“What was the first song we sang?” This was his usual question and hands wiggled in the air. Getting the correct response, he then asked, “What does Beulah Land mean?” This was a harder question and he had to call on an older child for an answer.

He looked at his watch and asked the administrator, “Is our special speaker here yet?” Receiving a shake of the head, he proceeded to the next song, “Redeemed.” He talked of the wonderful plan God created to buy back his children back from the power of sin.

The last song we sang that morning was “This is the Day that the Lord hath made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Mr. Gross gave a thoughtful smile and asked a youngster, “Would you be glad if your bike broke, or if your cat ran away?” The whole first pew of students all shook their heads. “Did God know it would happen?” They all nodded in unison. “God knows everything that will happen. Even if we think it may not be good, it’s all part of God’s plan. We need to trust in His wisdom and not let things upset us or make us angry. ‘This is the day that the Lord hath made.’ We should rejoice in the fact that He is our God and that He is in control of everything.”

The special speaker never arrived, so with a closing prayer, Mr. Gross dismissed everyone back to their classrooms. I thought of his words as looked over my lessons for the day. I wondered what the day would bring our way. As my students sharpened their pencils and opened their spelling books, I wrote the date on the chalkboard, September 11, 2001.


Andrea said...

Praying for our nation, andrea

Hoomi said...

I always think about the Alan Jackson song when this anniversary comes around. "Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?"

Such an appropriate message; this is still the day that the Lord has made.

Laury said...

I like that you shared what happened earlier in the day, Vonnie. It was very chilling. I knew what was coming yet you didn't describe it the event. A perfect post. This would have been a good blog postings to link together - what we were doing on 911. Excellent job.

Stina Rose said...

Very fitting story for today. I was in San Francisco, on my way to teach a normal day of kindergarten when I heard about the twin towers. You're right...even in tragedy, this is still the day that the Lord has made. Great reminder!

Sherri Ward said...

Oh, my goodness, Vonnie - this brought chills. The message in this is so very true, but sometimes hard to comprehend in the face of such tragedy.

Dee Yoder said...

Oh my, and what a day that became. Such sad memories come back to me about that terrible morning. We need to remember, and never forget--and we need to call on the Lord to bring healing to our land.

Coleene VanTilburg said...

Each year that passes, I recall that unbelievable, horrible day of American tragedy on 9-11 and yet I know God's heart broke too that day. Despite such unbelievable heartache and sadness, we can always rejoice in a God who gives us Hope. I posted my memories of 9-11 on my blog as well. Thank you for sharing a tidbit of that day and how your leader had wise insight into many unforseeable events, and how our attitudes can make a difference.


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