Friday Fiction - Collection of Thoughts

I decided to post a collection of poetic thoughts today for my Friday Fiction. For more great writing, hop over to Surrendered Scribe Julie Arduinin's blog. There's lots of good stories out there!


With each new morning,
Each start of the day,
Do we thank the Lord
For come what may?

With each new month,
Change of season,
Do we look for blessings,
Not asking the reason?

With each new year,
Do we feel blessed?
Do we treasure our gifts
And in His hands rest?

Sweeping Away Summer

I stand on the dark water’s edge. The golden sun is low in the sky and it brushes its shimmering glints upon the ruffled waves. The harbor buoy clangs its warning, and I pull my jacket tighter around my neck. There’s a nip in the breeze. It’s not summer anymore.
My hair whips around my face as I head home. Dried leaves scuttle along the road, as if running from the coming cold, looking for a corner in which to hide. The cotton sheets flap and snap on the clothesline, licking up the freshness before they are confined to their winter closets. I gather them in my arms and sniff the memories of the summer sun. Above my head, high in the amber sky, I hear a flock of honking geese, winging their way south upon the blustery currents.
Inside my kitchen, I huddle near the crackling woodstove with my fingers wrapped around a cup of coffee. The windows rattle with a sudden gust, and a downdraft sends a puff of smoke into the room. As the night darkens, a steady howl and a whistling blast announces the change of season.


I could not hear
His voice in the hurried
Rush of the day.

With frets and fear
Pushing to the front of
The wild fray.

Buzzers and gears
Clanging, honking, roaring
In frenzied array.

I could not hear
His voice in the hurried
Rush of the day

When moonlight clear-
Ly bathes the world with calm
Soothing sweet saches,

Gentle woodland deer
Feed in quiet pastures
Near their Shepherd stay.

I could now hear
His whispers in the quiet
Hush of the day.


Joanne Sher said...

Lovely - love these reflections and descriptions. Beautiful.

Dee Yoder said...

Ooo, I love that image of the linens licking up the freshness! Great images in these poems, Vonnie. Wonderful!

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

Wonderful! I especially love "Sweeping Away Summer" although it makes me a little sad.

Sherri Ward said...

So delightful, Vonnie! Thanks for sharing poetry and pictures!

The Surrendered Scribe said...

What a perfect blend of words and pictures. You are so good at description, I really need to work on that!

Anonymous said...

Love your descriptions!


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