Scripture Memory "Saying it Again"

Each Tuesday, I am posting another verse of John 15 (Vine and Branches). I will "recite" what we have learned so far. When I have reached verse 18, I will start again from there...then putting them together later, when we have finished the chapter. If you wish to join me in this challenge, you can either email your "recitation" or post it as a comment. (Let me know if you see any mistakes that I miss.)

This morning, I will only recite verses 15 and 16.

15.Henceforth I call you not servants,
for the servant knoweth not what the lord doeth,
but I have called you friends;
and whatsoever I have heard of the Father
I have made it known unto you.
16.Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and ordained you,
that ye may go forth and bring much fruit,
and that your fruit might remain;
and whatsoever ye shall the Father in my name,
He shall give it you.

CORRECTIONS: (looked once) vs.15 "all things" it , vs.16 "should go and bring forth fruit", "that whatsoever", "He may"

(Those verses are harder than usual! The new one is easier.)

John 15:17
"These things I command you,
that ye love one another."

Does this sound another verse we just learned? Yes--look back at verse 12 ("This is my commandment that ye love one another.") He just said it. Why did He say it again?

He repeated these words because He wants us to really get the message.

Notice the phrase "one another." In the Greek, it is allelon. You will find it all through the New Testament, telling us how to act toward each other, toward our Christian brothers and sisters.

The phrases sound very much like the words we say a thousand times to our children while they are growing up."

"Be polite."
"Be careful."
"Be kind."
"Be good."

Once when I was teaching Sunday School to the kindergarten class, we were learning Ephesians 4:32. The child said, "Be ye kind..." He looked at me for help to finish it.

So I prompted him with the next couple words. ""

With glee, he jumped up. "One, two, three!"

It should be that easy to be kind to each other--as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE.

I encourage you to use a concordance and look up all the places that the Bible says, "one to another." It will be enlightening and convicting. We need to remember that since God's Spirit is living in each of our Christian brothers and sisters, we are one in Christ. Of course, we still have our sinful natures and sometimes we hurt each other. That is why He said again and again, "Love one another", "Pray for one another", "Forgive one another".

Lord, teach us to truly love each other. We are so selfish and prideful and jealous. Help us to be more like You. Teach us as children. Amen

This verse today is very easy to learn. I challenge you to "recite" it back to me in the comment box. The act of writing it down will impress it deeper into your memory.

PS Thanks for all the feedback yesterday. I have concluded that there are such a variety of computer screens, that I can't make my page fit all of them. So, I will arrange it to fit mine and hope that everyone can at least read it. *smile*

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