What day is this?

This week, I am staying with my son, Micah, and his wife, Grace, and their new son, Gabriel, who was just born a week ago!

It's hard not to just gaze at him. How much cuter could a baby be? It's fun to notice his little characteristics; kicking off blankets, wanting his fingers to near his mouth all the time (not good when he's trying to nurse), not liking bright lights, loving his swing, etc.

This weekend was a tumbling hubbub of people in and out wanting to see the new new baby. Grace's family (four brothers and a sister and her parents and grandmother and two aunts) were here. A lady and her daughter from the church brought a meal.

Poor Gabriel, he doesn't know that we need to sleep. He's up every two or three hours, throughout the day and night, wet and hungry. The new mother is learning to take naps whenever he does. Hopefully, by the end of this week, those night naps will stretch a little longer.

At this point, the parents wonder if their life will feel normal again. I know that it will never be the same. Having a child will change their whole outlook on life. They'll be great parents; it's just this part that is a little rough right now. Soon Gabriel will learn the difference between day and night, and everyone can get some sleep.

Lord, thank you for the joy of seeing new life. Thank you for this little boy. Help to grow healthy and strong, physically and spiritually. Give his parents wisdom and patience. Thank you for the blessing of grandchildren. Amen


Anonymous said...

Gabriel is adorable! Glad you're getting time to spend with him and his parents. Abundant blessings!

AnniRay said...

I was seeing Grace clearly in the other pics of him, but look at his crinkled mouth in this one...definetly Micah's face!
Love you, Mama. Anna (first time Auntie!)

Dee Yoder said...

He's adorable, Vonnie! Praying you all get some much needed rest soon! (And, no: life will never be "normal" again--there's a new normal now--and it is LOVELY!)


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