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Micah and Gabriel

I have babies on my mind,right now!

Anna and Carter

If you have been following my blog, you know that I have two new grandsons. My daughter-in-law made a sling for her baby. It was so simple! Baby Slings Basically, it's a long (6'x 1') piece of cloth attached to some rings. (sorry, no pics yet of Grace, Micah's wife, with the sling)

She tried it out at a restaurant, when little Gabriel was only a week old. He loved it! He snuggled right down into his little hammock and fell back to sleep. She was able to use both hands without having to hold him. Later, he woke up, but didn't fuss. I wish I had known about those when my kids were little.

We, of the "civilized world", are learning from the mothers in other cultures the benefits and conveniences of having our babies close.

Babies need to feel close to someone, preferably their mother. I'm sure Gabriel could hear his mother's heartbeat, much like he did in the womb. You can't spoil a baby by holding him too much. They need the human touch, the security of being cared for.

With a sling, the mother can discretely nurse whenever he is hungry. When his needs are quickly responded to, he knows that all is well. He can grow and learn without the need of searching for attention. When he is ready to explore and venture from his mother, he will with confidence that she is there if he needs her.

To a young infant, he and his mother are one. He doesn't know time. He doesn't know distance. When he is separated from her, there is a feeling of anxiety and panic because part of him is gone. As he matures, he learns more of the rest of the world. He learns that his mother is not completely gone, when she is out of sight.

Are we like this with our Heavenly Father? Do we crave to be close to His heart, to feel His arms about us? Do we panic when our routine gets disturbed or have we matured enough to know that He is still there, even when we can't see Him?

Lord, may we want to stay close to Your heart.


Proverbs 27:19 said...

Nice analogy.

My husband feels the same way about not being able to spoil a baby by holding him/her too much. There's no such thing as holding them too much to him.

His rebuttle to tihs comment from other people is, "There's going to come a day when they are not going to want to be held, so I'm gonna get all the lovin' I can now."


Joan Alexander said...

Hi, Yvonne,

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In Christ, Joan Alexander


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