New Stuff

What is it about new stuff that lifts our spirits?

I think it means "hope", the thought of starting fresh.

I just got a new laptop. It has so many new functions, it will take me weeks to figure it all out. She's beautiful! Yes, I've personalized my laptop. I think I know how guys feel about their cars. I've even named her. It had to be a special name. She has a sleek black cover, with an "e" on top. I tossed around all the "e" names I could think of and came up with....

(Essie for short)

She has a Linux system with a cute penguin for a mascot and a mysterious gnome that leaves his footprints everywhere. It took my son, Stephen, a few hours to get her working properly, but I think once I learn how to manuever around, I'll love her. (Thanks, Stephen! It pays to have smart kids!)

I'll be spending much of today playing with her new features and loading my old files into her memory. She even has a webcam, so I may give you a snapshot of me once in awhile, when I figure out how it works!

I know it's just a "thing" and I need to hold it loosely. I need to give it to the Lord, to use as He reach out to others. It is an extra blessing, not something I deserve, but rather a gift entrusted to me by my Father.


Anonymous said...

I hope you and Essie will become great partners!
And yes, she's a beauty! Sunny

Mid Stutsman said...

OOOOOOOOH! AHHHHHHHH!! Wow!!! I'm impressed, lady!! What fun and yet, as you expressed... only a gift with which to bless others... and so you will!!


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