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I was given a blog award by Sherri Ward from Candid Thoughts and Joanne from Open Book Thank you, my dear friends, for the honor, although I don't think that's a very accurate picture of me! *smile*

I'm supposed to tell five of my addictions and pass it on. There are so many things that are essential to my daily life that the first part was easy. As for choosing another blog... I'd rather you look at my Favorite Blogs and see which ones I visit regularly. They're all fabulous to me!

My 5 Addictions:

1. Learning new things about God - Even though I've been to church from the time I was an infant and read the Bible stories o'er and o'er, I love it when a phrase or verse sparkles with new meaning. God becomes greater and more wonderful the longer I know Him.

2. Learning new vocabulary (English and French) - I love languages! It thrills me to see connections between languages or to see how a word has transformed from one meaning to another over the years. I especially like hearing people singing to God in their own languages.

3. Living in Maine - I've lived in Maine for 35 years. I love the smell and sounds of the ocean. I love the depth and colors of the woods. I love the different seasons. (although winter seems to be a bit top heavy) When I visited the South last year, I missed the trees and coast of my Maine.

4. Writing - When thoughts and stories build up in my mind, I can't concentrate on anything until I've written them down. Having the tools of a computer has allowed me to release that pressure and just write to my heart's content.

5. Family and Friends - I am so thankful for telephones and computers, so that I can keep contact with my parents and children and friends, all over the world. Even though I sit here at home alone, I'm not really alone when I can talk with them each day.

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Joanne Sher said...

You are definitely deserving of the award (and I don't look like the picture either LOL). Hoping to visit your third passion some time :)


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