God's Plan for the Day

I've learned not to plan more than one day at a time....especially not a whole week or month. Invariably, my days fill up without me even doing anything.

Someone wants me to come for lunch, or someone else needs a ride to visit her husband in the hospital. The car needs new tires; packages need to be mailed.

I'm a home-body...I'd rather just stay inside, near my crackling woodstove, on these cold blustery days writing or doing a jigsaw puzzle. I've learned not to get upset about these "change of plans", because I know it's God's way of putting me in the paths of others.

Often, it's while I'm at the bank or dentist or grocery store, that I meet someone who needs a hug or some encouragement. He knew they would be there. He knew I needed them.

So, when my day gets busy and I don't seem to have anytime for myself...I don't. It's not my life; it's His. I need to let Him plan His day.

With that said... got to go... He's planned a VERY busy day for me today!


Anonymous said...

You ARE a blessing to others. Sunny

MOMSWEB said...

Loooove this post and love your blog!
I'll be back to visit!


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