From the time we are little, it seems life is filled with waiting.

“Is it time yet?”
“When is my birthday?”
“Can we go now?”
“I can’t wait to be a grown-up!”

My third grade students learned in their spelling vocabulary that patience means waiting without complaining. That often pinched my toes. Do I complain while I’m waiting?

As adults, we are waiting all the time; for doctor appointments, for a phone call, for the next paycheck, for traffic to move, etc. At our house right now, we are waiting for my first grandchild to be born. I try not to say “no baby yet?” each time my daughter walks in the room. I remember that very uncomfortable time, when each hour feels like a week.

Psalm 27:14
“Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart; wait, I say, on the Lord.

I’ve thought of this verse often in my Christian walk, and the meaning has changed over the years. It grows deeper and deeper the older I become.

I first thought it meant to be patient, because God will answer my prayers in His time. That’s true, but it means more than that. It’s not just about me and my prayers.

I then thought of how a person, a servant, will wait on his master, especially if he loves his master. He is willing to do anything; he waits for the slightest command.

I picture the face of my son as he turned music pages for his older sister, as she played the piano for a Christmas cantata. His fingers rested on the sheet and his eyes on her face, waiting … waiting for just a nod, telling him that it was time.

I want to be waiting like that, looking at my Lord’s face, waiting for whatever He wants me to do.

As I read this verse again, I see my great and powerful God able to do ANYTHING! He has a wonderful plan for my life and my children’s lives. Sometimes I can’t see it. Sometimes I get frustrated and discouraged. I need to wait, to rest. God has a plan. I just need to sit back and wait and watch to see Him unveil His masterpiece.

The Israelites waited for their Messiah. We should be waiting in the same way for the day He will call us home to meet Him in glory.

“Is it today?”

“Even so come, Lord Jesus.” (Revelation 22:20)


Jennifer Dukes Lee said...

What a beautiful post. I love the image of the page-turner at the piano. I found you through Rachelle Gardner's blog, and the timing was great for me to be here. This really was what I needed to read. I had just posted about "the great wait of 08" as we celebrate Advent in our house -- or try to. God bless you!

'Slowly Dying 2 Self said...

Aaaahhhh, waiting...it seems to be "the story of my life." I become frustrated because waiting at the doctor usually comes to an end when I get to walk into the examination room...the waiting has ended and now for the results. I don't do so well with waiting for God, because I don't feel as if I've entered His examining room to receive results , but to be told that the tests were inconclusive. Thanks for sharing "Momma" Vonnie!


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