"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!"

It's DECEMBER ! I woke this morning to see a dusting of snow on my porch railing. There is Christmas music in the air. I know that the holidays have become too commercialized, but I'm not going to let it get me down. I love Christmas and all the excitement that goes with it. I'm going sing and decorate and make or buy presents for all those I love. I want to fill this month with lots of love and joy.

Now that November is past, I can say that I truly enjoyed my NaNo experience. Some days, I wondered why I signed up, but what a thrill to see the purple bar on the site when I was officially registered as a winner! I am definitely planning on doing it again next year. It taught me that I can write for a deadline. Maybe a novel a year is attainable. I would recomment the challenge for anyone who likes to write. They also have a youth program that lets them set their own goal for the month. If I were still homeschooling, I would probably incorporate it in my curriculum.

Now, through the month of December, I am sorting out my priorities and plans for the next year. I want to read books; old books, classic books, good books. I'd like to send out more articles to magazines. I'd like to finish writing the "novel" I just typed. (There's LOTS more editing and pushing to a good ending.)I'd like to write more letters and cards. Emails are nice, but you can't keep them in a box to read over again.

I'd also like to memorize more Scripture. As a child, I memorized lots of Scripture. As I taught school, I learned more with my student. I realized that I hadn't hid anymore of God's Word in my heart in quite awhile. I know that it's much easier when you are accountable to someone. I'd like learn a whole chapter, perhaps John 15 (KJV) or a Psalm (around 20-30 words). Is there anyone who would like to take the challenge with me? I thought we could learn a verse/week until we learned the whole chapter. By the first of January, I will decide on the Scripture and set up some sort of structure to "recite" what we've learned.

I want to continue learning and growing as I get older. There is so many interesting and beautiful things in this world.
I want to love.
I want to learn.
I want to live!

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Laury said...

All very good things to do, Vonnie. Cheering you on always! And proud of your NaNo achievement! Wow! Awesome job!


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