Plugging Along

Well, I shot out of the blocks and got a great start. I've been meeting my 2000 wds/day so far. Some days are harder than others.

On Monday, I tried writing in the VIP waiting room, taking advantage of the WiFi, while the mechanics were putting on my snowtires. It was a joke! The chairs had arm rests, so I had to squish up my elbows to type. The lady next to me was knitting and needed her own elbow room, besides someone to listen to her chatter. The TV was showing a soap opera, and then a former neighbor spots me from across the room and wants to know how things are going and where all the kids are now. I don't think I wrote more than 100 words while in that hour.

Yesterday was easier. I used a childhood memory of being tricked into eating a hot pepper and then having my words turned into a lie. I forgot how the emotions can be stirred up and put into words without much effort.

Today, I have a good turn of the plot, but it's a struggle to focus and get it written. I'll get it down. I just need to tap into a forgotten memory or emotion.

My husband has been so encouraging. He turned off the TV, put on some nice radio music, and even cooked supper last night, so I could write. Wasn't that sweet?

Thanks for all your comments and encouragement,too.

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Laury said...

Keep on swimming, Vonnie! And you know, if you happen to ever complain about Randy, we won't listen because we'll remember how sweet he's been to you. LOL!


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