Phoebe's Sequel

I missed writing about Phoebe. She's been a part of life so long, that she has almost become a real person to me. She's growing up, and reaching out to others.
Here's an excerpt from what I've written so far on the sequel. (Remember this is the rough're just getting a peek over my shoulder.)


Phoebe carefully felt the warm lump beneath her apron. Yes, it was still there, but it wasn’t sleeping anymore. It started to squirm and stretch. She gave a quick glance toward Maseppa.

“Phoebe, what is in your pocket?”

“My pocket? Only my hanky.”

“There is something moving under your apron.”

Phoebe knew she couldn’t hide the kitten anymore and pulled it out. She snuggled it under her chin and it began to mew.

“That not be yours! You need to give to give it back to Mrs. Finnamore.”

She Maseppa stopped the wagon and looked at the kitten.

“Maseppa, you heard her say that it would be better dead. She doesn’t want it. She won’t even know it’s gone! Please, Maseppa?”

Maseppa’s face showed no emotion…not anger, not amusement, not even annoyance. Maseppa just looked at them.

“When we get eggs next week, you ask Mrs. Reynolds about it.” She flicked the reins, and Ginger trotted off again. “I not want to listen to more of Missus Reynolds. She talk too much.”

Phoebe smiled and snuggled her nose in the kitten’s fur. ‘Yes… my own kitten.’ It needed a home and she needed something to love and care for. “I need to give it a name. I think its fur looks like butterscotch at the general store. Isn’t that a good name, Maseppa?”

Phoebe smiled and snuggled it under her chin.


Lydia said...

Go Mama! only 45,629 words to go!!

Laury said...

Love it, Vonnie. Cheering you on! Please share more excerpts, ok? Go, Vonnie, Go!

Elizabeth said...

Aw, that's cute. I can't wait till you finish and I can read it. :)


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