The NaNo Finish Line is in View!

I'm almost there... just like a runner, I'm going to sprint the last few yards to end with burst of speed, holding up my arms as the ribbon breaks. I'm glad there isn't much going on today at our house. All the Thanksgiving activities have settled down, and it's relatively quiet around here. I think I'll set up my laptop in a corner and type til I'm done!

Here's another excerpt(based on a true story):

"Butterscotch in the Turpentine"

Butterscotch was always in trouble. His broken foot healed well and he was most curious of whatever was happening. He especially was interested in Maseppa’s loom. He would jump up and sit on the bar, and before long would swat at the threads as she alternated the warp threads or the shuttle as it came shooting through the tunnel toward him.

It was quite usual to hear the rhythmic thumping stop, and you would hear her say, “I will put you outside if you get on my weaving loom again!” Then you would hear a softer thump as she very deliberately deposited him on the floor. After two or three of these, she would take him to the door and evict him until she was done.

Once Phoebe heard Zeke yelling from the back shed. “Phoebe, come get your cat!”

She ran out there to see him holding a very sticky, wet kitten. “What is that?”

“It’s turpentine! This silly cat must have rubbed against my jar of paint brushes that I was soaking to get clean.” He switched the squirming kitten to the other hand. “He can’t lick himself clean or he’ll die from poisoning. You’ll have to give him a bath.”

“How?” Phoebe asked.

“Get one of Maseppa’s old kettles and fill it with warm water.” As Phoebe ran to do that, he added, “Don’t forget some good lye soap too.”

What an escapade! That cat did not want to be washed. While Zeke held it by the scruff of his neck, Phoebe doused him with water and rubbed soap all over him. He meowed and screeched and scratched. When they thought they had rubbed soap over enough of his fur, Zeke carried him to the kitchen sink and Phoebe pumped. If Butterscotch thought the soap was bad, cold running water over his head was worse. With mutterings under his breath, Zeke tossed the wet out the back door to finish the process. Poor Butterscotch and poor Zeke! They didn’t stay in the same room together, if possible after that.


Laury said...

Good job, Vonnie! Keep on going! You're almost there! You have a whole group standing on the line waiting for you - ready to cheer you to victory!

Go Vonnie go!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can DO it, Vonnie!! Write like the wind! Sunny

Anonymous said...

YAY!! YOU DID IT!!! Sunny


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