God's Ways of Talking

Have you heard God talk to you? I have.

There have been times in my life that I KNOW that I heard God speak directly to me.

Sometimes, it's through a person. A couple times it's been a small child that reminded me of a simple truth about Him. "I want to be in the boat with Jesus, too."
I've had an elderly person ask me a pointed question that caused me to evaluate my motives. "Are you trying to be perfect?"

Sometimes, I've felt God prompting me to visit someone or call them. At those times, it's almost like the pressure of His thumb is on me, and I can't do anything else...eat, sleep, etc... until I obey. Occasionally, I hear that the results of that call or visit, but sometimes I don't, but I feel content that I obeyed.

Sometimes, a phrase or a verse will pop in my head that comforts me or convicts me. "Yvonne, look at me.", "He's in his father's hands.", "Ask, and ye shall receive.", "Be content with such things as ye have."

Sometimes, like yesterday, my heart was battling a sin and I needed victory. I needed assurance. The pastor was speaking on a slightly different topic, and as usual, he sent us to several different passages to emphasize his point. As I was turning to one, I noticed another verse nearby that I had marked months or maybe years ago. (I really don't remember when or why.) The verses were words of God that were EXACTLY what I needed. What joy! What comfort!

God is real. Have you heard Him speak to you? Are you listening?


Mid Stutsman said...

Oh my, Yvonne!! We sure were on the same path with our blogs, weren't we? Wow...that's so encouraging, that the Lord showed us the same things basically!! And we both used Sometimes!!
Father, thank you for Yvonne, for the blessings she brings to me each morning. Bless her with the encouragement of Your love and grace. Thank you for our friendship through You. As we both pause and listen to Your voice, may we hear what You would have us share with those around us.
In Jesus' precious, life changing name... Amen!!

LauraLee Shaw said...

Wow, yes, I have experienced it in just these ways. I know I have missed out on so many blessings by not following, but my heart seeks to be more steadfast in obedience to His voice.

Love God's wisdom shining through you.


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