First Snow

What is there about the first snow?

Some people groan, some grumble, little kids squeal, skiers cheer. I just like to watch it. I like how it covers the dead brown leaves and highlights every ridge and crack on shingled roofs and brick walls. (Doesn't my new blog design look like a 'first' snow?) I like how the snow emphasizes every blade and twig on the bushes and grass. I like how it swirls on the frozen pond. I like to hear it crunch under my feet as I walk to get the mail. I like to watch each flake land on my my mittened hand.

There's a calm quiet in the first snow. It makes me want to snuggle in my warm house, next to my woodstove, for the winter, to feel secure and cut off from the busyness of the rest of the world.

So, **shhhhh**

Don't tell the others, but I like the snow, as long as I can watch it from my kitchen window.

1 comment:

LauraLee Shaw said...

Ahhhhhh yes. I don't see it often, but I remember it!


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