Named by God

Genesis 32

When Jacob finally returned to the land God had promised his grandfather Abraham, God faced him in the middle of the night. Jacob wrestled the Angel of the Lord until he came to the place where he realized that God was the power and ruler of his life.

At that time, God gave Jacob a new name, Israel..meaning Prince of God.

God named many people in the Bible. Abram (high father) became Abraham (father of many nations). Sarai (contentious) became Sarah (princess). He named John the Baptist(Jehovah is gracious) and Jesus(Saviour) before they were born. He chose to call Simon Peter by his second name (a stone).

In Isaiah 40:26, we see that God even names the stars. I wonder if he names all the flowers and birds and mountains?

I wonder what name God has for me. I know it will be beautiful because He has chosen it for me. I will hear Him when He calls me by my name.


LauraLee Shaw said...

Me too, Vonnie! I can think of lots of wonderful names for you, but HIS are the best of all.

Joanne Sher said...

Such a neat thought that I "know," but don't ponder near enough. Thanks for reminding me.

Laury said...

For some reason, this post made me cry. Wonder what name change God would give me? I was going to write that it probably wouldn't be a good one but these people were not perfect and God still gave them great new names. In spite of who I am, God loves me and that thought makes me tear up.

Thank you, Vonnie -- love you so!


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