"Dear Vonnie" Teen Sons

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Dear Vonnie,

How do you handle teenage sons who, occasionally, aren't treating you respectfully enough?

Signed, Frazzled Mother

One morning you wake up and your cute little boy has grown six inches, his voice has a deeper tone- mixed with unexpected squeaks, he's in the frig every half hour, and getting some fuzz on his chin and a mind of his own.

Being a teenager is a confusing time for everyone. The young person doesn't feel like a child anymore, but isn't ready to be an adult. He is forming opinions and wants to express them. He doesn't always agree with his parents, but knows he should show them respect. On top of all this, his body is changing, he has discovered girls, and feels the need to compete with other boys.

A boy should be taught from the time he is very young to respect and obey his mother. He should never be allowed to sass back or tell his mother what to do. He's a little too big for a spanking, but I've smacked my teen over the head with magazine or fly swatter! Taking away privileges(TV, cell phone, ipod, car keys, etc.) and sports are great ways to punish a strong willed teen.

A teenage boy needs to feel important. He should have 'grown up' chores around the house...mowing the lawns, plowing snow, picking up siblings, fixing the car, etc. His opinion can be asked about family matters, but with the understanding that Dad and Mom are the final authority.

Hopefully, the father is a strong role model for his son. They should do guys things together; fishing, hunting, ballgames, etc. If this is not possible, it might be wise to ask a dependable man to spend some time with your son.

Your son is soon to be a man, but he's still your little boy. He may not show it, but he still enjoys being treated like a boy once in awhile. Give him hugs and make him his favorite cookies. Cherish these years, he'll be grown soon and have a family of his own.


Patty Wysong said...

Oh, good! I'll be sure to pass this one on to a mom who needs it! *cough* Great advice! And they thought we ordered magazines to read! Ha! They'll figure it out one of these days!!

Laury said...

Very good words, Vonnie. Thank you for sharing:)


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