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Dear Vonnie,

I finally verbalized, even though it's been deep in my spirit for months, that I don't trust God ... because every time I do, something goes horribly wrong with our health and/or insurance. This year, it took til the first week of January for us to have a child ER visit AND to learn that our insurance was so screwed up they had to give us all new insurance with a retroactive start date. However it was all new in how it worked, so to pay the co pays, it was taken off our med card that we could not adjust after we agreed on the amount. We even added extra to cover surprises. We paid for braces and had the extra, until the new insurance. We have been paying out of pocket since June. I realize many people have no insurance at all and I grieve over that.

I am really struggling and felt I was to be open about it. Even today I was tearing up because I do not want to be a cheerful giver. I’d much rather take the tithe and apply it to the incoming med bills, or the annual fee a new ministry asked me to pay that is all about women being intentional and building relationships, something I definitely need, etc ...We are tithing and I’m the one that writes the check per (her husband's) directive, but my heart to give cheerfully is gone... I teach 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School and I’m always challenging the kids to trust God and surrender, give it to Him, and here I am!

My husband is quick, and right, to point out how well we are taken care of, but I’m “wrasslin’” with this trusting God thing in all things and finally am able to pinpoint to the specific degree why.

Would you pray for me to trust God once and for all?

'Wavering Faith'
(posted with permission)

Dear Wavering Faith,

I think you will admit that money isn't really the problem, although that's where your trust is weakest. When we worry about things (and I'm talking to myself, too), we are subconsciously saying to God, "I don't think you can take care of my future."
We forget how He has brought us through hard times in the past. We forget who HE is.

Psalm 139 is a wondrous chapter that reminds us that God is all-knowing and all-powerful. Genesis 17 gives us a name of God, El-shaddai, meaning 'God will provide.' He told Moses in Exodus 3:14 that His name is I AM. He is eternal and sovereign. Nothing happens without him.

When we look at our problems and feel sorry for ourself, we don't see what God is doing in our life. We need to trust that even the 'bad' is 'good' for us, like making our children eat their vegetables or get imunizations. They don't think it's good, but they have to trust us.

We need to trust our Heavenly Father that the things he brings into our life are always good for us, to help grow stronger and be more patient and more loving. We should be content with our needs provided, and consider everything else as blessings from our Heavenly Father. (I'm still learning contentment, too.)

God gave us husbands to be our strong place, our rock, where we can rest in their care. If your husband says that things are fine, then trust him. Let him take care of you and your children.

I suggest that you find a study on the names of God. Learn of Him and His attributes, focus on who He really is. Also, make a point to look for at least one blessing that you can be grateful for each day. Write it down and thank God for it. Play the Pollyanna Glad Game. It works. There is ALWAYS something you can be thankful for in every situation. Sometimes it may take some thought, and you can always thank God that He is working in your life to help you grow as a Christian.

Here's a song that has blessed me over the years.

Let the Lord have His way,
In your life everyday.
There's no rest;
There's no peace;
Until the Lord has His way.
Put your life in His hand;
Rest secure in His plan.
Let the Lord,
Let the Lord have His way.

Lord, please help this sister rest in Your plan for her life. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


Laury said...

These are good words, Vonnie, and apply to us all.

The Surrendered Scribe said...

I love this new column---thanks for your Godly wisdom.


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