Big Words

Most children love big words.
They like the sound of HIPPOPOTAMUS and METHUSELAH.

My father taught me this fun sentence:

My sufficiency has been suffoncified;
anymore would be obnoxious superfluity
to that which I've already consumed.

In other words; "I'm full!"

You can teach your child a lot about nature by including some spectacular words.

You can make an OBSERVATION of the METAMORPHOSIS of a monarch butterfly, when he emerges from his green and gold CHRYSALIS, to begin his MIGRATION south in the AUTUMN.

You can watch the EVAPORATION of a puddle, notice the CONDENSATION of the CUMULUS-NIMBUS and SIRRUS-STRATUS clouds overhead, and chart the various PRECIPITATIONS of the seasons.

You read the THERMOMETER to find the TEMPERATURE and if it's a clear night, you might be able watch a LUNAR ECLIPSE or look at the CONSTELLATIONS and maybe see some NOCTURNAL animals, if they haven't gone into HIBERNATION yet.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Kids love big words. Build their vocabulary by talking with them and teaching them at the same time.

(I think I spelled everything correctly...if not, let me know...couldn't find the spelling of

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Kim Kasch said...

Thanks for the kind words about my Mom. Parents teach us amazing things. And, then, we become our parents - usually - whether we want to or not.



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