The Same Old Thing Everyday

Routines may be boring to adults, but children love them. Each day should be relatively the same. Meals, chores, and bedtimes should be about the same time every day. Most children like a simple routine when getting ready for bed; such as a drink of water, a story, maybe a song, a prayer and, of course, kisses and “goodnights”.

Teach your child to love books. Read to him often, at least once a day. Start as soon as he will sit still on your lap for a few minutes. Talk about the pictures. Make animal sounds and point out familiar objects. As he begins to enjoy this time together, he will soon have some favorite books. I have memorized many books by reading them to my children over and over and over again. The child is learning that the words say the same thing every time, and that’s the beginning of reading. Don’t try to skip a sentence or two. They’ll catch you every time!

Bedtimes should be set to give ample rest, 8-10 hours is best. Keep it consistent. Don’t let them beg you into staying up a little longer. Lack of sleep will cause rebellion, whining, lack of energy, etc. If a child knows that bedtime is set, their bodies will tire at that time, and they will learn the joy of going to bed.

I found my children unruly and irritable around holidays and vacations or if they were left with a babysitter too often. On one trip, we stopped at a motel tired and cranky. My little boy didn’t want to go to bed until I plugged in his bunny nightlight. He was so happy, he kissed the bunny and went straight to sleep. In you family, it might be a special blanket, pillow, or music box.

Children can adapt to changes quite easily, but not too many at a time. A move, a new baby, or a new schedule can throw off the continuity of their life. They want things to be normal again. They want to know if they are still loved.

Security is knowing that some things will always be there, like a fuzzy blanket, the warm, rising sun, and a mother’s love. It’s nice to know that Daddy loves Mama, they both love me, and God loves me, too.

When a child is secure, he’s free to grow and explore and learn with less fear. He can know and rest in the fact that no matter what he does or what happens, someone still loves him. He can face the world knowing someone’s on his side.


Joanne Sher said...

I find this is SO true with my kids - especially Andrew. And I've been reading to my kids since BEFORE they were born (I read my bible aloud to my belly in the last months of my pregnancy). Great wisdom, my friend.

LauraLee Shaw said...

Incredible advice and something I struggle with. (not bedtime, I'm VERY consistent there), but structure doesn't come easily for me. I love your wisdom, and I will pray about how to apply it as it pertains to me.


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