Salt Glitter

My daughter told me that one of her favorite memories of her grammy was making salt pictures. Yes, Grammy had some wonderful, but simple, ideas.

She would let them choose their favorite color from a pad of construction paper. Then let them squirt a design with a stream of white Elmer's glue. (I'm sure it on more things than just the paper when they were through.) Then they would take the salt shaker and cover the page. Of course, one is not enough, and they would have a whole "gallery" of them across the kitchen table.

While they waited for them to dry. She would let them have a cookie and milk and watch the chickadees in the feeder. Then they would shake off the excess salt, leaving beautiful, sparkly masterpieces. Who needs special glitter sticks, when a little glue and salt will do the same thing?


Joanne Sher said...

Oh - that sounds nice and sparkly! (LOL though Annika would probably just try to eat the salt). May have to try that with the kids!

Amy said...

If you want colorful, sparkly glitter, pour the salt in a bowl and grind down a piece of colored chalk into the salt (like you would use a mortar and pestle). Stir and sprinkle. Think I know what we'll be doing this week at my house!


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