A Lesson From my Student

Recently, I've been teaching Sunday School again. For a long while, our little church has lacked young children. Our own youngsters have grown and have gone to college or living elsewhere. The next generation hasn't been born yet. We have been praying for younger families to attend our church, and God is answering!

There is one adorable five year old, and I have the privilege of teaching her. She has a vivid imagination and keeps my lesson time interesting. She knows very little about the Bible and often mixes her cartoon stories with them. My goal is to instill in her the concepts of the truthfulness of the Bible and the great power and holiness and love of God.

Each week we copy the Bible verse and draw a coordinating picture below it.
(I make one too.) It is a time of chatting and discussing, a time for me to see if she is understanding the lessons. Yesterday, the story was of Jesus calming the sea. We talked of things that we might fear, and that we don't need to because God will take care of us.

We drew a boat with rough waves around it and rain pouring down and some dark clouds above it. She wanted me to draw Jesus in the boat. (people's face are hard!) She was satisfied. While I was adding details to my picture, I saw that she had drawn another figure in her boat. I asked, "Who is that?"

She answered, "That's me. I want to be in the boat with Jesus."

Lord, help us to be like this little child. Help us to desire to be near You when the storms of life surround us. May this be our first thought. May we feel the security of knowing You will take care of everything. Amen


Lydia said...

hello its lydia this is great have a good day

Joanne Sher said...

Wonderful reminder for all of us. I'm gonna remember those words (and so will you, I'm sure!) for a long time.

LauraLee Shaw said...

Kids can teach us so much if we just open up our hearts and listen. YOu have done just that! Precious story.

Laury said...

I want to be in the boat with Jesus, too! What a smart girl and an awesome teacher!


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