Hard Work Builds Character

I'm sure you've heard this famous saying, but it saddens me that many children of this generation don't know what it means, because they don't know work. They sit around watching TV and playing games, expecting others to wait on their every whim. I even had one 7 year old ask me what the word "chore" meant.

When our grandparents were growing up, they probably lived on a farm. There were so many chores that every member of the family had to help to keep on top of all the work. Besides milking and haying, there was weeding the garden and chopping wood. Clothes were hand sewn and bread baked in the oven. They worked from the wee hours of the morning until night.

Our society has the conveniences of dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and supermarkets. Some children don't even know where our food comes from. Many don't know or don't like the scent and texture of clothes dried on a clothesline. They've never seen yeast make bread dough rise. They haven't had the joy of picking a vine-ripened tomato.

From the time a child can walk across the floor, he should help you pick up his toys before bedtime. A toddler can fold washcloths. A youngster can wash bowls and feed the cat. A teenager can do his own laundry and mow the lawn. By the time a child leaves home, he should be able to do any job around the house...including cooking a simple meal and sewing on a button.

I've seen so many young people who will not do any work without being paid. How did we create such selfish,greedy,lazy people? What happened to the idea of "pulling your own weight" and "giving your neighbor a hand"? A child needs to learn to be a vital part of the family/community without looking for any more reward than a job well done. But it needs to start when they are young, when it will become instilled as the right way of doing things, by working side by side with the example of his parents.

When a child knows the value of hard work, of going beyond what is asked and seeing what needs to be done, he will be respected and honored as he enters the career world. Bosses enjoy employees who are prompt and neat and efficient. When did these people learn these things? They probably had parents that made them do their chores.

"...let him labor, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth." Ephesians 4:28


Patty Wysong said...

So true!! It's one of my soap boxes...kids NEED to know the meaning of work and its value!

Great post, my friend!

Marita said...

Funny timing. My 18 yr old son decided that he needed to get some job applications yesterday. He is a vital part of our summer ministry and he knows it is going to wind down soon and wants to get his name into places to be prepared. He is very intelligent, and a good worker, but has a lazy streak and a sarcastic tone at times. I looked at the shirt he was wearing and suggested he may want to re-think what he should wear. He had a t-shirt on that said "I lack the motivation gene."

Joanne Sher said...

Great message - and so true. Yes!

Laury said...

This is very good, Vonnie, and so true. Thank you for sharing.


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