Consciously Trusting

My husband loves riding his motorcycle. He'd like me to share his enjoyment, but I'm afraid crashing. I've had too many tumbles and scrapes on bicycles in my childhood.

But...I love my husband and want to do things with him. I have learned to consciously trust him on his motorbike. I know that he loves me and will not doing anything foolish or daring that might risk an accident. The more I choose to trust, the easier it becomes.

Last week, we rode to his sister's house. It was a beautiful day for bike riding. He put a special back on the bike to give me support. Wasn't that sweet of him? We donned our gear, which seemed a bit much for a July day: sneakers (not flipflops), jeans (plus windpants), leather jacket, leather gloves, and helmet. I felt like a kid dressed for a romp in the snow.

As we buzzed along, I enjoyed the different scents of summer; a freshly cut lawn, a garden of flowers, a field of mown hay, a barbeque grill, a lazy river, and even a stinky cow pasture. I felt like a puppy with its nose out the window.

As we leaned around a corner, I closed my eyes and held on tightly. I couldn't look down at the road rushing by, for the "what if's" began to torment me. I couldn't keep my eyes closed because I needed to balance. I began singing to calm my beating heart. Not being able to see ahead, only one side or the other, I noticed the details of the scenery passing by. Everything seemed brighter and more vibrant than watching it from a car window. I saw a deer grazing in someone's yard or a blue heron standing in a pond.

I began to think of how riding with my husband on his motorcycle is like the Christian life. God wants me to be protected from the world with his safety gear, the "helmet of salvation" and the "breastplate of righteousness". When life takes a corner, I need to draw closer to Him and not fear. I can't see the future, so I should just enjoy each day as it passes. When life gets scary, I need to trust the Lord. Each time I choose to trust instead of fear, it gets easier and easier.

"I just keep trusting my Lord, as I 'ride' along.
I just keep trusting my Lord. and He gives a song.
Though the 'road is bumpy and long o'er the winding trail',
I just keep trusting my Lord. He will never fail."
(my adapted version)


Joanne Sher said...

An absolutely wonderful and apt analogy, Yvonne. (and dare I ask for the "original" version of the song you adapted below?) I'll remember this one for a while. Thanks for sharing!

Yvonne said...

"I Just Keep Trusting My Lord" by John W. Peterson

LauraLee Shaw said...

I also can't help but to think of the blessings you have received by sacrificing your fear for your husband. You are blessed by all the sights and sounds as you ride along AND blessed with the snuggling close on the back of the bike with your hubby.

Brian also grew up with "motorcycles" in his blood, as he used to race dirt bikes semi-pro. It took awhile for God to teach me to trust Him with this passion of his, but I have learned to do so. Thanks for sharing this, and I'm so glad to have someone to talk to about this unique quality in our husbands.

Laury said...

I know what you mean about it being scary behind the motor cycle but because we trust our men, it makes it exhilarating at the same time.

Patty Wysong said...

Excellent post and lesson here, Vonnie!! This is the perfect illustrattion for this!


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