A Real Author

I can remember when I was in 6th grade, an author came to our school. It was the first time I ever even thought about where books came from. I was impressed that a normal person could write a book... to me, an author couln't a normal person. An author was the creator of the wonderful worlds between the covers of books.

Today, I met another real-life author, Lois Lowry. I loved her books before I even thought about who wrote them. (The Giver, Number the Stars, etc.)Today, I was able to talk to her author to author. I told her about my novel in the hands of an agent.

She was so encouraging, telling me to not be afraid to ask editors and agents and publishers for help..but to write what is inside of me, not what I think others want me to say. She shared how books that she read as a child had a big influence on her writing now. Many experiences in her life came out in her work, things that made her say, "What if?"

She understood me when I said that I have so many ideas spewing out of me that I can't write enough. She told me to keep writing and don't try to conform or change to fit any preconceived ideas.

Of course, as a Christian, I have another standard, a higher authority than myself. I don't think she would understand that, but that's OK. I want God to use me as a tool for His glory. I'm VERY happy being a tool for him.

I'm still **twirling** inside. It was just so cool to be recognized as a fellow writer by a FAMOUS author.


Laury said...

What an awesome experience for you, Vonnie! Wow! I can feel your excitement! Remember that you are an author, too. Hopefully we will be seeing your books on shelves all over the country! I can't wait for that. You inspire me, my friend. You truly do!

Marie said...

That must have been an amazing experience for you. I am a fan of Lois Lowry also. It seems you were upliftred and encouraged. Keep it up.

LauraLee Shaw said...

Twirling with you! You have been and will continue to be a REALLY magnificent real author.

Debbie said...

The whole time I was reading this I could hear your voice and see you twitch with excitment!


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