The First Family

Genesis 3, 4

No, not the family that lives in Washington D.C.…the first family that ever lived on this earth. Have you ever thought about what their daily home life was like? I’m sure it was much harder than we think. They didn’t have the stress of our busy schedules and machines, but they also didn’t have anyone to turn to when the baby got sick or when they were too tired to fix supper. They didn’t relax by watching TV in the evening or even reading books; they talked.

I can imagine them sitting around the fire at night and Adam telling his children about the beautiful garden that God made for them and how they would walk and talk with God. I’m sure Adam told of the terrible day, when the serpent deceived them, and they disobeyed the one and only command of God…how they hid in shame, losing the glory of the Lord, and covering themselves with leaves. He must have told of the horrible sight, when God slaughtered an animal to cover their sin.

Adam told his children of God and his holiness and his hatred for sin. They knew that something had to die, its blood shed, to take the punishment, which they deserved, for their sin. The animal was innocent. It hadn’t sinned, but it took their place. God planned it that way. He wanted it to teach them about His plan to redeem them.

In Gen. 4:8, it says that Cain talked with Abel. What did they say? Did Abel remind his older brother of God’s ways? Cain knew, but the pride of his own works and his own reasoning caused him to rebel and argue and turn away from God. He didn’t want to obey. He didn’t want to listen. He wanted to make the rules. He wanted God to accept him, worshiping in his own way.

Do we come to our Creator, seeking His ways… or do we want Him to accept our ways?

Lord, give us a humble heart, wanting only Your will. Teach us Your ways. Keep us from pride and selfishness. Help us to see sin as You see it. Forgive us when we stray. In Jesus' Name, Amen


Jan Ross said...

Beautiful description with a great point. If mankind could only grasp how deeply the Creator desires relationship with the created! Great work, Yvonne ... I love it! :)

God bless,

LauraLee Shaw said...

Great post, Yvonne. Leaves much to ponder.

Laury said...

Very good thoughts this morning.

Joanne Sher said...

Wonderful thoughts, Yvonne. We so need to submit to God, instead of asking him to come along our own way. Thanks for the thought-provoking blog today.

Debbie said...

Yes, too often we look to God to endorse out plan, when we should look to Him for His plan.

Loved you post.

Debbie said...

OOPS! I really need to do a better job proofreading before I hit publish!


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